Lingerie outside Victoria’s Secret Post #1: MYLA’s Cheek Harness


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I didn’t know where to get lingerie outside of Victoria’s Secret and Kohl’s.

Yes. I was living in a box, resigned to a grave fate. Fortunately this fate was not far worse then death. For those of you enjoying similar walls composed of layer upon pliable layer of compressed paper, fear not. there is hope, and it comes in lace packages.

Now a quick defense before I throw out Victoria’s Secret altogether. VS carries some nice merchandise at affordable prices. The only problem is that my 14-year old sister feels this way too (the PINK line… enough said).

I want more than “sexy underwear.” I want sensual underwear. Even with the highest in-store VS line, I feel like it was designed more for an assembly line than my body.

I bring you: MYLA
… and they ship to America. Holla!


tumblr_mvq608y1u51t072xqo1_500This is lady empowerment. If I can’t be nude, this is what I want to flounce around in, bend over wearing a skirt in, pretend I’m a … where were we?

Now, the reason I have used the picture above is because the Monique Suspender shown here has one of the greatest lingerie additions I’ve seen:

The Cheek Harness.

Butt holder, thigh shackle, booty bosser (flosser was already taken), what have you. This reinterpretation of an ordinary garter belt provides my tush with an underwire, while subtly enhancing the scene for my boy.

I call that a job well done. Goodbye VS, hello MYLA.

Fashion: 7
Funky: 9
Fancy: 8
Function: 2 (let’s be honest)

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