A Provocative Body of Work


The other day, I *tumbled* across Betty Baker‘s (a student from Mulhouse, France) senior project, and while I usually try to leave anatomy in the realm of scientists or certain late night trysts, this expose (literally from Latin’s expositus- to put or set out) on a woman’s body is tantalizing. Both honest and ironic, the piece asks, “I am a woman, I am a body, I am a womb?” by literally presenting the body as a method of discourse. Questions aside, I can’t help but croon over her rich color palate and textures. These seem perfect for an evening, reading with my espresso and a wool beret. Then the more immature part of me likes to think that the uterus looks like a longhorn, and how funny it would look to thrust in these panties. Law school aggression surfacing?

Fashion: 3

Funky: 9

Fancy: 2

Function: 8


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