Music to get you through Finals

I don’t have time to put much together this week as finals commence on Saturday β€” wish me luck! I’ll try to get something up, but for now, in lieu of an outfit I thought I’d at least give you another sort of compilation. Everyday I seem to be stuck on a new song, and I just listen to it on repeat while outlining. I never claimed to have good taste, but I hope you enjoy!


  1. Georgy Girl– The Seekers
    Fleet Foxes
  2. Sim Bala Bim– Fleet Foxes
    Splendour Studio
  3. Lucidity– Tame Impala
  4. The Art Teacher– Rufus Wainwright
  5. Excuses– The Morning Benders
  6. Avant L’heure– Edith Piaf
    Any of you who know me also know that I couldn’t make it through an entire music post without a song by Pogo.
  7. Casablanca Mix (Remake)– Pogo
  8. Girl on the Wing– The Shins (ignore the homemade video on the link)tennis-456
  9. Vegas– Tennis– I love the inverted sound on the guitar!grand budapest
  10. Mr. Moustafa– Alexandre Desplat

Putting these songs into a playlist has literally been my most ingenious move of the week (a bad omen considering it is exam week), so if you are over clicking on every link, you can find the playlist on Spotify titled “Callingtheclothesline Study list”

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