On Your Mark, Get Set… GAS

By this point it should be clear that the only thing that trumps my love for a good Ebay find is a giveaway. Nevermind that I’ve yet to win one. That being said, I wanted to let you know about my latest discovery- the GAS 30th Anniversary Event.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.20.28 PMOn this momentous occasion, if you can check out in 30 seconds, you can get your favorite GAS item.

Will you be able to find your style in your size in time? Luckily, they have a training mechanism built-in as we anxiously count down. There’s only 4 days left to get those mouses twirling, fingers dancing, and perfect your game face (as if that were an issue… I was born gamefaced)!

HOWEVER, note the terms and conditions (there’s always red tape), you must have a European address to sign up. I’m giving you the excuse and go ahead to shamelessly flirt with the nearest charmingly-accented boy. Go for gold. Get that home address (and while you’re at it if you happen on a scone recipe worth note, if you’d be so kind as to record it in the comments, I’d be forever grateful).

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