About Us

Thanks for visiting The Clothesline! Here’s a bit about us and how this venture started. To get in touch, drop us a line at callingtheclothesline@gmail.com




Photo by Evey Wilson

I am a law student at the University of Notre Dame, currently completing my second year. As to how I fund my outfits, I buy most of my clothes second-hand through eBay and similar sites. This has led to my exposure and acquisition of  vintage clothes (and an expansive antique hat collection).  Those interested can visit my corresponding closets on Poshmark, etsy and Vinted.


e476619ca10211e3bd10127e2a14cd72_8_croppedHaving served as my unofficial technology resource and proofreader throughout college, Jack now acts as my tech guru and (mostly) silent partner. He has no formal fashion experience, though his friends have at times described him as “a dandy.” He has a degree in journalism and is currently pursuing a degree in computer science. His other hobbies include photography, sailing, and film criticism.

If you like a healthy mix of snarky one-liners, obscure puns, and sporadic tech news, you can follow Jack on Twitter.

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