Undies Beyond VS

Silk Romper, Anyone?


As some of you may know who have been following me, I have recently aquired a very strong taste for the indomintable Australian myestery series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which I also mentioned as the inspiration for this post, and have been shamelessly sharing screenshots on tumblr here. Well, needless to say, I am intriuged by the series, but it’s a toss up as to whether I am more bewitched by the costuming or the story lines. That is to say, the costumes are that good. Seriously, her be-turbaned, dropwaist, fur lined, silk embroidered flapper chic is everything I want all the time.

Well, in one of the first episodes of the first season, she popped out of her boudoir wearing only a silk slip romper. The screen shot opportunity was limited (as you can tell), but since then I’ve been intent on finding something similar. It seems like the perfect garment: cool and loose against the skin, while still elegantly sensual and effortless. The only problem is that it is requiring a lot of effort. Namely, I can’t find any.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.36.43 PM

So far, I’ve only been able to find the one below (now on sale at Anthropologie) as a close second. I’ve perused etsy and found two or three vintage options on etsy, but as could be expected, anything silky and vintage from the 1940s or before is pricing in the 200 dollar range.


Salua Chloe Silk Romper from Anthropologie.

I thought I’d now extend my search to reach out to you. Have any of you seen anything like this under 100? Or is that just an unrealistic dream? Are there any brands (small or large) who do this sort of thing? Please help!



Bodysuits Beyond Beyonce (or the 5 Days of Christmas)

For those of you who have been following since I started this venture, you might remember that I used to run a series called “Lingerie Beyond Victoria Secret” where I discussed pieces of luxury lingerie that made me swoon. As I’ve been travelling recently, I have accidentally neglected the series, but I thought I’d bring it back in force, and show you the bodysuits that currently have my eye.

5. Madame Aime- Spring/Summer 2015– Right now this is the only look we have at the newest season of Madame Aime silky rendition of the bodysuit (hence its placement in the lineup), but is it enough! Reminiscent of vintage bathing suits and Hollywood boudoirs, complete with a sensuous dip in the back, I’m counting down for this number. Not yet priced.


4. BlackMilk- The Battle Suit– Aptly named for its cause, The Battle Suit is one tough contender, though less of a tease than its predecessors, it could easily be worn to the grocery store with a pair of high-waisted jeans, or with the right heels, you could easily represent as the new “Single Lady.”  $105


3. SJ Lingerie- Pearl Bodysuit and Belt– This dainty number seems right for almost any season. Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or trying to escape the summer heat (Daisy Buchanan style), its light airy mystique teases and pleases. It buttons oh-so-deliciously up the front making it feel more playful than bridal, but gives it a secretive Victorian sensibility. $189.00


2. Bordelle- Bond-age Swimsuit– Not quite the playsuit you may have been thinking, while technically a swimsuit, don’t let its duality dissuade you. The flexibility which comes with it’s swimwear design allows a bit more comfort all around than bunched lace. Just enough to make an impression, this amphibious bodysuit can be dressed up or down to suit any evening’s taste. ~$351 (225 pounds)


1. Amoralle- Cream Full Sleeve Lace Bodysuit– Call me the fourth musketeer. I am obsessed with this suit from the exaggerated necktie to the billowy sleeves. It could be worn under a pencil skirt for a sexy evening or under a ’60s sleeveless swing dress with ease. Still, alone it seems to say New Years Eve done right. The entire Amoralle collection is quite unique this season, Those who aren’t sold on this might try this or this as an alternative. $341


Lingerie Outside of VS #2: Les Jupons de Tess

As Valentines looms ever nearer, and I make bedroom eyes towards the bag of Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramel squares in Target, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit the topic of underwear (here‘s the first installment in case you missed it). When channeling the spirit of Valentines day, my first thoughts would be: over-commercialized, brash colors, and a gaudy representation of love. But as this post is decidedly not about Victoria’s Secret, I’m going to have to dig a little deeper.


True Love…

If I’m less cynical, I have to admit, Valentine’s day can be an excuse for romantic thrills, some saccharine frills, but altogether sentimental feels. Which is why for this Valentines, as an alternative to VS, you should consider Les Jupons de Tess.


39 Mais Oui! Photos from the Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection

Deliciously frilly and decidedly French, this lingerie makes for a eventful evening and a long morning. Caroline Tannous, the lace mastermind behind the label, in an interview with Journelle described the philosophy behind the brand, “We’re a luxe French lingerie label inspired by the elegance of the 18th-century woman. We design glamorous corsetry and lingerie for a woman who, depending on her mood, wants to be flirtatious, seductive or mischievous.” What could be more perfect for Valentines… Underwear as versatile as Russell Stover (since sometimes you have no idea what you’re channeling… or eating).


You just never know…

Still, what’s even more exciting about Les Jupons de Tess is that the one and only Petite Coquette (of Petite Coquette, that paragon of all things intimate, aka my favorite lingerie blogger) has designed a collection to premiere in their stores September 2014. Here’s a peak (and above):



Two weeks ago, at the Salon de la Lingerie, his top and knickers were chosen for the Selection Catwalk (season favorites). Bravo Coquette! We’ll certainly be on the lookout for you.

For everyone else, have a Happy Valentines/ Single Awareness day. Whatever you’re celebrating, may your lingerie be divine.

Lingerie outside Victoria’s Secret Post #1: MYLA’s Cheek Harness


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I didn’t know where to get lingerie outside of Victoria’s Secret and Kohl’s.

Yes. I was living in a box, resigned to a grave fate. Fortunately this fate was not far worse then death. For those of you enjoying similar walls composed of layer upon pliable layer of compressed paper, fear not. there is hope, and it comes in lace packages.

Now a quick defense before I throw out Victoria’s Secret altogether. VS carries some nice merchandise at affordable prices. The only problem is that my 14-year old sister feels this way too (the PINK line… enough said).

I want more than “sexy underwear.” I want sensual underwear. Even with the highest in-store VS line, I feel like it was designed more for an assembly line than my body.

I bring you: MYLA
… and they ship to America. Holla!


tumblr_mvq608y1u51t072xqo1_500This is lady empowerment. If I can’t be nude, this is what I want to flounce around in, bend over wearing a skirt in, pretend I’m a … where were we?

Now, the reason I have used the picture above is because the Monique Suspender shown here has one of the greatest lingerie additions I’ve seen:

The Cheek Harness.

Butt holder, thigh shackle, booty bosser (flosser was already taken), what have you. This reinterpretation of an ordinary garter belt provides my tush with an underwire, while subtly enhancing the scene for my boy.

I call that a job well done. Goodbye VS, hello MYLA.

Fashion: 7
Funky: 9
Fancy: 8
Function: 2 (let’s be honest)