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California Here I Come: Napa

I’m excited to show you some of the pictures from my California adventure! Some of you may have noticed my three week hiatus, a period over which I was decidedly not learning how to photoshop (so sorry for that attempt yesterday, but it got the point across with a little overzealous sponging). While I had the best intentions of keeping up the blog over Spring Break, I found myself wandering around San Francisco and working on short stories instead, and I couldn’t help but let the mood take me. However, amidst my aesthetic stupor I managed to squeeze in a few field trips about which I couldn’t be more excited. Enter Napa. 




One of my best friends from high school just moved out to the area to do “science” at a winery. It seems only natural if one travels 500 miles across the country to dial up everyone in the immediate vicinity, so entirely because of the pressing weight of the social duties falling upon me, I called him to set up a wine tasting together. We had a wonderful day, punctuating tastings with a cute little French patisserie where I had a delicious sea salt caramel macaroon (and could really call myself bourgeoisie). It also let me embrace some Edgar Allen Poe American Romanticism, so here’s my Mysterious Macabre Villainess, naturally standing in a wine cellar (soon to be the home of a someone buried alive?).



I wanted to look classy, modern, yet understated (don’t want to look like you’re trying at a wine tasting), so I paired  a couple of subdued pinks with ostrich feathers to bring just enough glam. I tried these high tops for a bit of modern nonchalance. We mixed in my first In-and-Out experience for some real casual elegance at the end of the day. I think Taylor deserves a few well-deserved snaps.

DSC_0140Outfit Details: Necklace: Down the Rabbit Hole (my favorite boutique in St. Augustine that sadly closed. You can find them on Fb here) | Top: Marni |  Skirt: Zara | Shoes/Socks: Primark

Wineries Visited: Robert Mondavi and Artesa



Spring! Or the Top Five Reasons My Bunny is Better Than Your Pet

Meet Kierkegaard, my Holland lop given to the most irrational leaps of faith. She is grey, the color of ambiguity (like any good philosopher rabbit). When we accidentally left her cage open, in true philosopher fashion, she stood in the door contemplating the allegory of the cage, while Thumper flew the coop. But besides her overwhelming loyalty and good looks, there are several reasons why Kierkegaard is, quite simply, the best pet ever.

1. She is so stylish — she can smell incoming trends.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.06.49 PM

2. She’s very knowledgeable, probably due to her love for reading.


She has a crush on the white rabbit.


What a hunk! Who needs punctuality?

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.09.29 PM

She lervs literature.

3. She works hard, plays hard.


IMG_3218 We’re still recuperating from a crazy Christmas.

4. She knows all the “coolest” places to hang out.


Specifically under awnings, on rocks, and in the shade…


Did I mention my shoulder?

IMG_0275 2

and wherever she wants…

5. She doesn’t complain when she has to take baths.

IMG_0600 2

Could your cat do that?


Bathed and ready to explore!

She. is. adorable. Try to prove me wrong. Ol’ Fido or Mittens ain’t gotten nothing on Captain Kierk.

Happy Spring everyone!

R and K