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Anthropologie 20% Off Sale Weekend

What feels like once every millenium, Anthropologie offers temporary price cuts their sale items, making it feel- for one fleeting moment- as if the prices were almost within the regularly scheduled budget.
The only kicker? As subdued as their general color scheme, the date of this occurrence happens at the most trivial and unmonumental of times. The weekend of April 25th? Okay. Cool, yea. I was ready all along… *panicking.* I get whiplash when it is, and subsequently blindsided trying to figure out simultaneously what I want, if there’s room in the budget to throw down, and what exactly is happening.
This year is no exception, so I apologize for the last minute news, but instead of having to go through the entire gambit of the shop/splurge-guilt-binge-and-purge, I’ve expedited the process by bringing you a few of my favorite (and on the lower side of the price spectrum) items from the latest sale:
Anthropologie Sale Favorites
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But as always, the best way to go is to check out the store itself. I make my killing on the rando items that have missing buttons or slightly messed up zippers. There will be one left, it’s on triple markdown and in otherwise perfect condition. Best of luck to you on this less than normally noteable weekend!