campus post office

Going Postal: Street Style Sans Street

Notre Dame, Indiana- Home of the post office runway. Seriously, that should be the tagline as you enter our campus post office.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to find interesting ensembles that would work for a bumpin’ street style section. But as of yet, I’ve seen some of the coolest compilations at the campus post office. So instead of true street style, as I try to get up the nerve to ask people to take their picture (shammme on me), this has become more of an introductory human study. Why did you wear that to the post office…


 I particularly love that this outfit combines err Russia with some rather boho boots. When the world is covered in snow, you just have to go light and blend in. My only remaining question is, if this woman wears full fur to the post office, I wonder what she wears to the bank.


Say hello to grown up Ron Weasley, still wearing oversized knitted sweaters. Though it’s not very visible, his jacket looks very standard issue, and he’s coupled the homemade knitting with an obviously store bought scarf. I love the combination of neutral tones, and let’s be honest, I want that sweater. It slouches so nicely!


Red hair, don’t care. I enjoyed the glam rock look this girl has going on. Leather studded bag to match her boots. Did she roll out of bed or #justmadethisway? You be the judge.

Thanks for bearing with me. These pictures serve the dual purpose to shaming me. I guess I should add covert iphone pictures as belated lent offering. Henceforward, I will try to actually talk to these people so that I will be able to get more of their outfit than their backs.