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Midwestern Treasure Troves: Estate Sales Recently

You never really know what you’re going to find at an estate sale. For instance, last week, we stumbled across this priceless gem:


Look closer…

DSC_0059 - Version 5


DSC_0059 - Version 2

Ahhh piquant lemon lime flavor, how could we resist you for that long 16 years? Finally, for a mere $2.00 (I didn’t even know Gatorade expired), you can be ours! We’ll just conveniently ignore the ominous game expired looming at us.

In particular at estate sales, I always like to see the weeeeeird stuff people collect. Three weeks ago, the woman collected cow totems and the man was obsessed with trains. This past week, I couldn’t escape bowling mementos (prizes, pins, pens, jerseys) only to find out the couple had owned a bowling alley. My roommate loves to go to collect cardinal ornaments (I had no idea people had so many things with cardinals on them. Now that I’ve noticed, they can’t be unseen! Seriously, go check your house). And of course, I’m always on a mission to locate the hats (with varying success). So here’s the haul of the past two weeks:

  Estate Sale One
Niles, Michigan


Bird picture: 1.50/ Carpet Bag: 20.00/ Scarf: 5.00/ Globe Tin: 1.50/ 2 pairs of antique earrings 1.50 each

This one was fairly blase’ no great stories here. Leigha and I were on a mission for headscarves, and as you can see, I found everything else. I styled the headscarf and carpet bag here.

Estate Sale 2
Elkhart, Indiana


Needlepoint of my future house: 7.00/ Sailing shirt: 1.00/ Legit fur stole: 7.50


Next stop- Russian Aristocracy


Texture Combo.

I stayed relatively calm throughout this venture, but J raided the place. I’ve never gone to an estate sale with anyone who walked away with more than I bought, but in J’s defense, at times, it was like walking through an Urban Outfitters giveaway. Like these smashing new swim trunks:



PreFontaine Meets Brooks Brothers: A Real American Tradition


California, here he comes.


J also managed to snag several tomes on the (alleged) conspiracy that was the Clinton presidency and a 1950s guide to a Successful Sex Life in Marriage (approved by the American Medical Association, New York Daily, and Catholics of America- all for two dollars!). But the greatest find of the day was probably this little guy:DSC_0067

Upon seeing him, Joe immediately said, “Herbert?” And with his reluctant grin, Herbert returned Js gaze.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 2.03.16 PMThis sassy little strigiform is making me seriously reconsider my views on love at first sight. He’s so bold, yet demure! Suffice it to say, he and J have already moved in together. May you be so lucky in love on your next adventure! Happy Friday!


April Showers? I’ll wear flowers.


This morning I was excited to wake up, watch the sunrise, and take some self-timed photos while the world was still asleep (aka no one would notice I was prancing around taking pictures in their backyard). It seems I have gone from being afraid to ask people to take their picture to being afraid people will see me with a camera at all. Of course, though by the time I’m up and showered (6:30 am) I realize it’s only going to rain this morning. No sunrise. So of course right as dawn stretched it’s rosy fingers, it stopped raining, and while I should laud the fortune of the day, I am sad I missed it. But I saw a rabbit! And it was grey!

rabbit So it was all in all a good morning. Even if it did almost rain again.


Surprise shower.


I don’t know why I even bother with outfit details as it seems everything I wear is old or obscure (which is really just saying old again). But for the sake of clarity:

Headscarf: Antiquing
Coat: Chloe (from ebay)
shirt: old “Fleurish” (juniors section of Belks most likely)
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Anthropologie
Le Petit Prince Watch: Spain (from a little lingerie chain… why did they have this watch??)
Bracelet set: Talbots
Carpet Bag: Antique find this weekend (!!!)


Still working on taing the picture *and* smiling

I know this type of shirt is not in style, per se. But I love it! It always reminds me of Even Stevens‘ “Influenza” episode (Shia Laboeuf’s starting role).


Oh, old Disney Channel… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click the picture and get ready for 22 minutes of cinematic gold. Since half of what I’m wearing is from antique stores, I think I can say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

DSC_0125 So know that I’ve found a carpet bag, it seems I’m ready to return to Georgia… I know. I know. Terrible. Well, Jack said it, so once again blame the obdurate editor (and he says it’s a thankless job). I’ve been digging some Fleet Foxes hardcore the past two days, so I’ll leave you with thisSim Bala Bim y’all.

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