April Showers? I’ll wear flowers.


This morning I was excited to wake up, watch the sunrise, and take some self-timed photos while the world was still asleep (aka no one would notice I was prancing around taking pictures in their backyard). It seems I have gone from being afraid to ask people to take their picture to being afraid people will see me with a camera at all. Of course, though by the time I’m up and showered (6:30 am) I realize it’s only going to rain this morning. No sunrise. So of course right as dawn stretched it’s rosy fingers, it stopped raining, and while I should laud the fortune of the day, I am sad I missed it. But I saw a rabbit! And it was grey!

rabbit So it was all in all a good morning. Even if it did almost rain again.


Surprise shower.


I don’t know why I even bother with outfit details as it seems everything I wear is old or obscure (which is really just saying old again). But for the sake of clarity:

Headscarf: Antiquing
Coat: Chloe (from ebay)
shirt: old “Fleurish” (juniors section of Belks most likely)
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Anthropologie
Le Petit Prince Watch: Spain (from a little lingerie chain… why did they have this watch??)
Bracelet set: Talbots
Carpet Bag: Antique find this weekend (!!!)


Still working on taing the picture *and* smiling

I know this type of shirt is not in style, per se. But I love it! It always reminds me of Even Stevens‘ “Influenza” episode (Shia Laboeuf’s starting role).


Oh, old Disney Channel… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click the picture and get ready for 22 minutes of cinematic gold. Since half of what I’m wearing is from antique stores, I think I can say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

DSC_0125 So know that I’ve found a carpet bag, it seems I’m ready to return to Georgia… I know. I know. Terrible. Well, Jack said it, so once again blame the obdurate editor (and he says it’s a thankless job). I’ve been digging some Fleet Foxes hardcore the past two days, so I’ll leave you with thisSim Bala Bim y’all.

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Pragmatically Python and a Sneak Peak to Barrister’s Ball

Barrister’s Ball is todayyy! As I know I won’t have the pictures up until tomorrow, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of my shoes (which I am ridiculously ecstatic about)! To preface, I’ve recently been all over the internet (heaven forbid I leave my apartment) searching for shoes. My dress is red, so I thought I would go gold to accessorize. On the safe side, I know, but I’m going for glamour at a conservative law prom, not New York fashion week, sheesh. Anyway, not long into the search, I started to notice a trend. Namely, SNAKE PRINT.

Showing here…


Kate Spade

and here…


Saint Laurent

Then yesterday on WhoWhatWear. (A godsend I recently discovered — except they also introduced me to this Randall Loeffler clutch and I am so conflicted as to why I am so in love. I have never felt this need for citrus… I’m all at sea! — Get it? Sailors, at sea.. limeys… citrus…). Moving right along, they put out like a gajillion posts a day (decidedly unlike this blog) and have really cool stuff. Well, their “item of the day” was this pair of Need Supply snakeskin (print) shoes!


Need Supply

It might be my law degree, but I feel the need to offer ample evidence that every “trend” I’m documenting is not merely a figment of my imagination. So now that you can see I’m marginally credible, I thought I’d show you my interpretation on personal style and python print shoes (of two types).

First: Barrister’s Ball! These are my Chloe python heels (2012.. I believe). If you don’t like them please don’t tell me.



Glasses: Disney, Shirt: Disney (gotta love that employee discount), Leggings: The Row via eBay

DSC_0038This is the most I’ve ever spent on shoes (although they were still eBay). I wish I felt more guilty… but aren’t they beauts? So that is how to wear snakeskin going to the store or hanging at the mall. If you think you are Beyoncé or just have fab legs (and smaller calves then my half marathon running monsters) then this next look is for you.


Also, the reason that my pictures are marginally better is because I got my new camera!! Barrister’s Ball here I come (I just have to avoid the punch… for a variety of reasons).


This dress is in my Posh/Vinted closet for those interested. <\shameless self promotion>


Unneeded dress details (because it cracks me up when people do this)


These are La Perla Pret-a-Porter, which I also got on eBay — word to the wise next time you’re buying gold snakeskin boots online — maybe know your calf size first. (They call me Epimetheus.)

But snake print doesn’t stop at gold (though mine does… or it gets too snakey for me). My sister put together an interesting ensemble to prove it (also because I ran out of snake print shoes).



She sends her love from a travelling mirror inside her phone.


For those interested, I’m fairly certain we bought these BCBG heels from T. J. Maxx after a long conversation about the fact they wouldn’t make her too tall. Amirite or amirite? Just good legs all around.

Wish me luck (with the curling iron) tonight at the BALL.

Ebay Gone Wrong: Tales from the Duped

Most of the time when I’m showcasing outfits here, at least onunnamede piece of my compilation has been from ebay. Well, this week marked my 50th transaction on ebay, so I want to show you all my SHINY BLUE STAR!

But as Ratigan so aptly states in The Great Mouse Detective, “It hasn’t all been champagne and caviar. I’ve had my share of adversity, thanks to that miserable, second-rate” seller [insert username here].

In the course of my fifty transactions there have been a few doozies, so I thought I’d show them here so that you could laugh with me, and I could better explain Ebay’s return policies to those wary of the site’s security in general.

While many seller’s include the opportunity for you to return your item (and for those primarily worried about fit or quality this is a good way to shop as you can specify you would like to only shop from sellers who offer this option- I would recommend bhfo, in particular), I would say the majority of auction style listings are non-returnable. So what if I get my Louboutins and find out they’re fake, you ask? Or what if when I get something it’s in much worse shape than I thought? Or a different size?

There’s no need for you to feel powerless as a buyer, as every purchase is covered by:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.43.54 PM

The only downside is that if the seller listed something wrong and you have to send it back, there is the possibility that you might have to pay return shipping for their mistake (since this only covers your original shipping), but it depends on the deal you can work out with your seller.

Chloe’ Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.18.14 PM

Description: Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.18.29 PM

The seller was correct. The scratch does not affect the look or vision:


To be fair, I still do not know if these are fake. I do know they are suspiciously plastic. Very suspiciously, this doesn’t feel like designer plastic. Further, Chloe glasses come with an authenticity card. No one said anything about an authenticity card here- a fact which I am very on the fence about, because generally fake sunglasses usually come with all the fixings plus some… My real Chloe sunglasses also have markings like this on their small wiry frame, but they have additional product markings as well…. So in between the altogether lack of an authenticity card, cheap material, the fact I have never seen other Chloe frames of this style, I am very confused. But that’s okay. Because either way I got a cool Chloe case for $4.02, so the damage is mitigated.

Lesson: Sunglasses are easy to fake. Know what the real ones look like and are made of before buying!

Isabel Marant Dress

What I was promised:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.15.32 PM

In their defense, the dress does look like this, except I wouldn’t call it exactly “new.” See strap below.


IMG_6917They took the “without tags” part to the next level. It has no tags from the store. No tags from the designer. No tags with care instruction. When you look inside, all that greets you is a suspicious looking stitch job and the distinct smell of an overseas factory (don’t act like you don’t know what I mean). Safety pinned to the lining was a slip of paper with “Isabel Marant” handwritten on it.

yeaaa. In this case I did file a claim saying that the item was counterfeit. The seller immediately reimbursed all my costs and told me to keep the dress, which I still like even if it’s not Isabel Marant, so that was a win. It is ebay’s policy if an item is found to be counterfeit that the buyer can keep it as long as they agree not to resell it. I don’t know if the seller is running a racket or what, but they had over 60 transactions with positive feedback…

Lesson: Sometimes a deal might be too good to be true…

Lipstick (what was I thinking?)

lipsThere is no longer any listing for this item. That’s kind of what tipped me off that the listing might be fake. Originally, having no idea what Chanel lipstick looked like, I just blindly bid on what I thought it might look like. My rationale: this $17 lipstick is less than half as much as I’d normally pay! As you can see above, we all make gaudy mistakes at times, but it will be okay. About two days after the seller shipped it to me, ebay sent me a message that said:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.53.31 PM

Now, I didn’t know at the time this was a message sayingIMG_6915
YOU BOUGHT A FAKE, and I had accidentally sent the lipstick to my little sister’s address (who had even less of an idea than I did). So I had to wait until I could get back home to find out if it was real or not. I’m telling you, if you don’t know what a real one looks like, it’s pretty difficult to tell, but the painted on Cs at the top seemed suspicious to me, so I went ahead and opened a case with ebay. My money was refunded within six hours. Turns out, ebay had booted the seller off altogether for all the frauds they had sold.


Lesson: Have an idea what an item looks like before you buy it. Also as a general rule of thumb, we probably shouldn’t mess with sketchy makeup. I coughed up the $35 for the lipstick you see.

The Latest Catastrophe

In the spirit of saving the best for last, I bring you the current drama distracting me from law school:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.13.04 PM

It looked so harmless in the listing, some slight scraping, otherwise in good condition:
$_57-2 $_57-3

Little did I expect…
IMG_6849 IMG_6850 IMG_6851 IMG_6863

I was floored. This jacket looks and feels close-up like it went through a woodchipper. I immediately sat down, head hung low (I’ve wanted a Burberry jacket for so long!) and opened a case. The seller responded saying that they thought they “accurately represented the jacket” and said that if I wanted to know more I should have asked questions….

R: Would you mind telling me whether your hamster has been slowly consuming this over the last three months?
R: Dear Seller, did you slash the inside of the sleeves before you listed? Just wondering…
R: This item hasn’t spent any significant amount of time being intimate with sandpaper in the past twelve months, has it?

In two business days I can escalate the case to Ebay. Cross your fingers all goes well!

Lesson: still processing…

Be smart! Check feedback before buying. Know what you are looking for. And in the future you/ I might want to consider these:

top rated ebay seller logo-580-90

Paris in the Spring and Designer Sweatshirts

Paris in the Spring
I’ve. just. discovered. Heaven Polyvore. I feel like Nicola Tesla is lurking in a corner somewhere, hand outstretched, saying “Welcome to the Future, Rebecca.” Things are about to get a whole lot more sophisticated here y’all! On the downside, it may also be the most constructive procrastination I’ve encountered: fashion, scrapbooking, and unlimited supplies all in one! Just when I was getting over ebay…
Above is my second ever collage (you might see the first one later… or I might banish it to the abyss of the internets). Now, generally I am SO cynical when it comes to buying designer sweatshirts. People argue the fabrics are so much better and they last so much longer, but I have yet to see one of the $8 Michaels craft sweatshirts eat it. In fact, sweatshirts seem to always be cropping up like ice on Indiana pavements…. I do not need to pay anything over $50 to get a sturdy sweatshirt (and that figure is allowing generously for the overpriced sports team paraphernalia).
That is until I saw the adorable Marni Penguin Sweatshirt/ Blouse this compilation revolves around. I have long enjoyed the penguin sweater, but I thought it was a flippant kind of fancy almost like relish on a hotdog or a summer toe ring. I don’t own one of these gems, but suddenly, something very deep inside me seems to be crying out (in a still small voice) “Rebecca! What have you been working as a coat check girl for?” It’s like The Little Prince and East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins’  artistic lovechild. I can feel le renard begging once again Apprivoisé moi! but through the ransacked voice of a surprised penguin(as long as it’s not the Happy Feet penguin it will be okay). Am I a sentimental fool? What sweatshirt (if any) would you splurge on?
Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.30.30 PM

We like the penguin sweater, and Jess does too.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this rating system, but I’m bringing it back:
Fashion: 5
Funky: 7
Fancy: 3
Function: 10 (who’s biased? who cares!)

Visible Monday: An Artist with Leather

Happy Visible Monday! Who doesn’t love a bit of shameless self promotion? This week I was inspired by the leather & lace duos. Still, when I channel the vulnerability of lace mixed with the edgy nonchalance of leather, all I can think of is… Heathcliff, or more specifically the Romantic period and gothic literature. That’s why this week I mixed a pretty vintage Chloé artist’s tunic with acid wash, motorcycle boots, and a leather jacket. It’s like Natalie Wood and James Dean all in one. And with this backdrop* who’s to say whether I’m crossing the moor, or just looking for a convenient planetarium?

Top: Artist Tunic by Chloé
Acid Wash Jeans by Kohls Clearance rack (holla!)
Booties: KORS Michael Kors
Leather Jacket: H&M

*As promised I took a picture OUTSIDE my apartment, now if I could upgrade from the iPhone camera…

Sunglasses Wear and Care


  • Sunglasses

I stalk Ebay like a lion on an antelope. When the odd deal comes along, you better believe I am crouched in the shady brush just out of the periphery ready to pounce. This story is no exception. This is a story about pouncing too fast in the face of Chloe sunglasses (I believe they call it leaping before you look). But it turns out okay, and I’m here to tell you how.

  • Wear

I have never spent over $5.00 on sunglasses. I always lose or break my sunglasses so I have been afraid to invest, but after borrowing a pair of my friend’s Ray Bans for a day, I decided that I might do better if I actually valued the sunglasses. Since I pretty love everything that is the French Design house Chloé, I started watching the market, determined not to pay anymore than $20.00 total on glasses (yes, I realize it wasn’t much more of an investment but baby steps :P). Before long I found my opportunity. A pair of glasses with all the fixings (except a missing screw) was listed at 25.00 buy-it-now price.  It also offered the “Best offer” option. This allows potential buyers to submit an offer which the they commit to pay should the seller accept the offer. I whimsically submitted like 16.00 that with shipping, would put me just under $20.00. Before I had time to refresh the page, the seller accepted.


They looked so good…

There was only one hitch upon receiving them. I hadn’t bothered to figure out where the missing screw was, and it was kind of important. Not to mention, the “screw” that was missing looks more like a stylish, non-functioning gold peg.


Pretty visible if you are’t taking a picture from 5 feet away.

  • Care

I did the only thing I could do in this situation. I called my Mimi. Together we came up with a list of home solutions. First, I went to Joanne’s fabrics, thinking I could use the top of a stick pin to put in the empty hole and smooth down in the back.


Like looking for hay in a stack of needles.

Turns out, Joanne’s has EVERY type of needle you could ever imagine, as long as it’s silver. From there, Mimi suggested that we go to the jewelry store. They said they didn’t have anything like it, but Mimi got her bracelet fixed for free.

When we got back in the car, she sat thinking for a second before announcing, “You just sit tight,” and we were off… to her ophthalmologist. When we walked in, it was about a quarter to five. We had no appointment, and I knew no one in the building, but Mimi just waltzed up to the counter and asked if they had the stuff to fix “her granddaughter’s favorite glasses.” A tall man with stern lips and ominous eyebrows, signaled us to walk back into the hallway with a casual hand motion. The complicit receptionist, opened the door for us.

While Mimi styled sample frames, I nervously watched the eyeglass man invent a makeshift screw for my glasses. My two favorite questions were: “Where did you get these?” and “how long have you had them.” Rest assured, “on ebay” and “three days” were NOT my responses.

Midway through the interview, Mimi saw her doctor. He stopped and talked to us for 15 minutes (during which Mimi managed to slip in my whole academic biography). I don’t know what did it exactly, but the repairman gave me back the frames for free.


You’d never know the difference, unless of course you knew the difference.

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Living Room Selfie Attempt #27

  • Lessons Learned:

— Get your sunglasses fixed at an eyewear place.

— Always bring Mimi.