chocolate bunny

At this rate, it should be called the Easter Cat.

Out of sheer desperation Jack has taken to pictures with chocolate bunnies. Neither of us can find anything remotely bunny printed to wear this Easter (or anytime, given my aforementioned affinity).
bunny jack

You can find any article, gadzook, or totem with a cat plastered across its lackluster front, but a bunny? THE EASTER BUNNY? Negative.

Proof: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

 As we witness a virtual print resurrection this Spring (and just when you thought things were going digital), amongst the playsuits, sundresses, and pencil skirts, there is not a rabbit pattern to be seen.  I’ve virtually scoured the internet only to find this Australian solution, which- wouldn’t you know- only ships to Australia.

All I want is a nice pair of pastel green tights with little white bunnies, or maybe a flouncy skirt to frolic across a meadow. A little pastoral number perfect for comfy coves and afternoon tea? You know, the kind of thing you wear under an apron?


and read in this bed…

But everytime I try to search, I am greeted with rabbit fur instead. *heart drops* Help a girl out! If you see anything at all bunny, give me a shout! And in the meantime, please have a very…

easter 2

Not amused by the lacking prints.

Annnnd because I can:


More rabbit pictures!