Ethereal Bliss: Valentino S/S:2015 Campaign

I know this came out a few weeks ago, but I’m definitely not over it yet. Valentino’s new campaign, based off none other than the GRAND TOUR, is a sheer delight (with emphasis on sheer). For those of you who weren’t batty English majors like myself, the Grand Tour was a trip that upper class European men took as the sort of cap on a liberal education. It was most popular from the mid-1600s until the invention of rail (which opened it up more middle class people, “how droll”). Traditionally, these young men would visit the famous sites of Western antiquity, making Italy a favorite watering hole.

Given Italy’s unique role in the Tour, Valentino’s choice to take this as inspiration reflects a strong cultural sentiment that keeps Italian fashion distinctly¬†Italian.¬†However, if he has added any historical revision (besides the obvious sea stars), it’s the fact that in this reimagining women get to participate and reclaim what was traditionally an exclusively male pursuit. To this I say Brava!






Isn’t it so dreamy and elegant? Yet everything seems to be worn so casually. Love!!

**obviously, I don’t own these pictures or the rights! So link to Valentino, not me.