Reconsidering Fishnet

In sixth grade, I found some electric green fishnets on the clearance rack at Kohl’s. When I incorporated them into my Sunday School ensemble, I imagined the bastions of the French avant-garde applauding what was inevitably lost on my church-going compatriots (as fate would have it, our seventh grade exposure to Moulin Rouge, with the women wearing tights that matched mine, would be the ultimate deterrent). All in all,  I thought that fishnets were pretty cool. But until this week, I had quietly retired my fishnets along with the my union jack halter dress and “waterfall”effecting hair clip. Now, I’m beginning to reconsider (well just the fishnets). About two weeks ago, the Sartorialist posted this innovative photo of jeans (a la French chic) that put fishnets back on my radar. Then, can we just talk about the Proenza Schouler Ready to Wear Show? Although fishnets might be too simple a term to accurately portray these looping lovelies, the same gist is there. Alternatively, maybe the takeaway is not about fishnets as tights, but rather fishnets as the couple to a good cutout. I’m thinking might be time to dust off the old fishnets and try them out under some Helmut Lang… What do you think? Would you try this new style, or leave the fishnets with the Moulin Rouge ladies?