Eccentric Glamour Link-up #2: Southern Aristocrat


Welcome to the second link-up of Eccentric Glamour, a forum specially designed to get together and showcase forgotten, yet fabulous articles in our closets! This month’s post strikes me as a curious cross between Desperate Housewives of Atlanta and Blanche Dubois. While both of those comparisons make for dubious company, it was fun to dig out my fur (generally so superfluous in Georgia) and try to tweak it to represent a Southern staple. And what could be more Southern than getting all dolled up to sip almost-lemonade on the front porch? I hope you had just as much fun making your posts as I did in mine!





Outfit Details: Sunglasses: Chloe | Fur: Chloe (by way of ebay) | Shirt: Banana Republic | Belt: (necklace from) Anthropologie | Leggings: The Row | Shoes: Bally | Clutch: PrimarkIMG_6714   Don’t Forget!

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