Alert: Mary Katrantshoe and you!

Alert: Mary Katranshoe and you!

At this stage in the game, I’m trying to decide how to get all my stuff home, and I must say it remains a very open question. My shoe collection at school seems to have doubled since I’ve gotten here. It started very practical, and frankly, it’s just bloomed (but in the best of ways)!

However, I bring you this dualist’s dream, this virtual shoe arc as part of the Harvey Nichols giveaway. Until April 30th, you can twitter or instagram a picture of your shoe collection (or part of it) for a chance to win 500 POUNDS (so many dollaz) AND a pair of heels part of the new Mary Katrantzou x Gianvito Rossi fab collab. Be sure to add @mary katrantzou @harveynichols and @marykatrantshoe to your entry.

Comment on this, if you want with a link, because I want to see your closet! Also, the fuzzy pink and the purple shoes are for sale in my vinted/ posh closets!

The Social Sartorialist: Sweet Juxtaposition

My favorite fashion blog is The Sartorialist. For me, Scott Schuman is the epitome of street style (I still love you Bill Cunningham!). Not only are his pictures beautiful (and he self taught!), but he does a great job capturing the urban movement of fashion without entrenching his work on a series of repeated tropes. Well last week, the Sartorialist himself engaged in some shameless self promotion:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.07.57 AM

 Of course, I immediately followed him @thesartorialist *wipes perspiration from brow* and the results have been highly amusing. In the midst of Super Bowl nugget platters, bathroom selfies, scratchy videos of dogs, and attempted landscapes, all the sudden this will pop up:
Parisian boy. I cannot even handle you right now. Sigh. The charming juxtaposition of low culture and high culture is endlessly amusing to me. As I’m walking I will be checking my instagram and will find myself just blown away by the sheer power of the art. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, check it out yourself:
Maybe one of these days, I’ll comment, but for now I suppose I will just resign myself to hanging out with Mr. Schuman in person….

62039_1373285768436_1120530083_31776837_3276167_n 2 Yes this *is* actually me. We sorta go back…

As a fun tidbit, for those of you who don’t know, “sartorial” literally means “of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress.” It’s only used as an adjective in the English language, but Mr. Schuman is so talented, he actually has his own noun. Could this word creation make him the Shakespeare of fashion?