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NSFW: Ribs

Can we talk about ribs today? Yea, I mean those things holding your lungs and/ or heart in place. How do we feel about them? I suppose generally well. I like mine in place, minding their own business. But that’s just the point at hand here. Over the past few months, I have begun training for a half marathon, which has meant running three or four miles a day, five times a week (on good weeks) and eating healthier, meaning drastically less sweets (with mixed success). With this curious, but perhaps all too obvious dieting technique. I was surprised a few weeks ago to reacquaint myself with all-too-visible ribs when I exited the shower.

hotel-chevalier-1I have very mixed feelings about this, and I wonder if they are shaped by my American upbringing. I remember when I first saw Natalie Portman in Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier, the prologue to The Darjeeling Limited. To the background of Peter Sarstedt’s Where Do You Go To, My Lovely?, she stands naked in her and Jason Schwartzman’s hotel room, and I remember thinking, Is that what healthy women look like?


Jonathan Simkhai: Autumn/ Winter 2015-16


Now, let me be preemptively clear, I know people come in all shapes and sizes. To misquote Gertrude Stein, “Woman is a woman is a woman is a woman.” But especially post- fashion week, with ribs winking at us under various sheer and translucent fabrics, I’m wondering, is this a sign of my health or my gradual demise…. Any thoughts?