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Visible Monday: An Artist with Leather

Happy Visible Monday! Who doesn’t love a bit of shameless self promotion? This week I was inspired by the leather & lace duos. Still, when I channel the vulnerability of lace mixed with the edgy nonchalance of leather, all I can think of is… Heathcliff, or more specifically the Romantic period and gothic literature. That’s why this week I mixed a pretty vintage ChloĆ© artist’s tunic with acid wash, motorcycle boots, and a leather jacket. It’s like Natalie Wood and James Dean all in one. And with this backdrop* who’s to say whether I’m crossing the moor, or just looking for a convenient planetarium?

Top: Artist Tunic by ChloƩ
Acid Wash Jeans by Kohls Clearance rack (holla!)
Booties: KORS Michael Kors
Leather Jacket: H&M

*As promised I took a picture OUTSIDE my apartment, now if I could upgrade from the iPhone camera…

Nine People’s Favorite Thing

Celebratory post!! I have 9 FOLLOWERS! And the only way to celebrate is with BROADWAY! (This song has some explicit content in the form of a four letter word). Thank you for your support you nine lovely people; you know who you are. In the mean time pick up on all my subliminal messaging! Those nine people go and….