Off Duty: St. Augustine

‘Tis the season for fashion bloggers to escape to some beachy wonderland. I keep seeing delicate beachside rompers and embroidered cotton maxis flowing in the wind alongside the sashes of floppy hats. But let’s be real here– when I am at the beach, I am decidedly off duty (not to mention Northern Florida is hardly the sunny paradise for half nakedness). Enter some cozy lounge chic. Here’s my rendition of dressing up without actually going to the effort when you’re seaside (also be warned, this anchor only signals the beginning of what is going to be a very nautical spring).


DSC_0030Outfit Details: Scarf: Talbots | Sweatshirt: J.W. Anderson | Jeans: Acne | Shoes: Keds | Nails: OPI- Can’t Find My Czechbook (cutest name, right?)

Opposites Attract Fun

Two fun-filled weekends called for two different outfits on completely different ends of the spectrum. This is a pretty common dilemma in the college world. With the spring season containing a multitude of day parties, it offers a variety of options when it comes to theme.

For example:

Field Party

A field party calls for an easy, breezy look that guarantees that you will stay cool on a sunny day. Backless was the goal here so that less skin would be encumbered by fabric. I wore my hair down last year, which was extremely hot, so I looked for a trendy way to keep my hair up this year. The perfect pair of rocker boots rounded off the look so that it wouldn’t appear too sweet. Makeup was simple and I incorporated a bright, shimmery pink that complimented the flowers. I used a tutorial by Michelle Phan that I have used before multiple times to great effect.

IMG_3188 IMG_3186 1982173_10152723384769097_1300589724_n 1504152_10152706300102589_2100391365_n

Dress: American Threads (Athens), Floral Braid-Ins: Free People/Vida Kush, Boots: Target (past season), Infinity necklace: Agora (Athens), Sunglasses: Target

Carolina Cup

Carolina Cup is a derby held every year in Camden, SC and the look is classic and put-together. And two words: giant hats! Most girls are seen wearing Lilly Pulitzer, but to break the mold I wore an Ann Taylor dress that I honestly don’t often, except when I’m forced to for chapter. My mom had quite the collection of wide-brimmed hats and I chose the biggest she had, which still didn’t come close to most hats in Carolina. I originally planned to wear wedges with horse bits on the toes, but weather did not permit, so I had to opt for rain boots instead. I used OPI Big Apple Red and Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red to compliment the navy and give it a pop of color.

10157188_10151958377211196_332336005_n1014058_10151958377431196_1450515119_n 10171668_10151958377386196_148725973_n  10171853_10152349922557442_1507001720_n 1979560_10152349922552442_2019082966_n

Dress: Ann Taylor, Purse: Michael Kors

Madelyn Scarborough is the newest writer at The Clothesline. She currently studies Magazine Journalism and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia, making her the first person here who’s actually qualified! 😛 Welcome, Madelyn! 

Paris in the Spring and Designer Sweatshirts

Paris in the Spring
I’ve. just. discovered. Heaven Polyvore. I feel like Nicola Tesla is lurking in a corner somewhere, hand outstretched, saying “Welcome to the Future, Rebecca.” Things are about to get a whole lot more sophisticated here y’all! On the downside, it may also be the most constructive procrastination I’ve encountered: fashion, scrapbooking, and unlimited supplies all in one! Just when I was getting over ebay…
Above is my second ever collage (you might see the first one later… or I might banish it to the abyss of the internets). Now, generally I am SO cynical when it comes to buying designer sweatshirts. People argue the fabrics are so much better and they last so much longer, but I have yet to see one of the $8 Michaels craft sweatshirts eat it. In fact, sweatshirts seem to always be cropping up like ice on Indiana pavements…. I do not need to pay anything over $50 to get a sturdy sweatshirt (and that figure is allowing generously for the overpriced sports team paraphernalia).
That is until I saw the adorable Marni Penguin Sweatshirt/ Blouse this compilation revolves around. I have long enjoyed the penguin sweater, but I thought it was a flippant kind of fancy almost like relish on a hotdog or a summer toe ring. I don’t own one of these gems, but suddenly, something very deep inside me seems to be crying out (in a still small voice) “Rebecca! What have you been working as a coat check girl for?” It’s like The Little Prince and East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins’  artistic lovechild. I can feel le renard begging once again Apprivoisé moi! but through the ransacked voice of a surprised penguin(as long as it’s not the Happy Feet penguin it will be okay). Am I a sentimental fool? What sweatshirt (if any) would you splurge on?
Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.30.30 PM

We like the penguin sweater, and Jess does too.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this rating system, but I’m bringing it back:
Fashion: 5
Funky: 7
Fancy: 3
Function: 10 (who’s biased? who cares!)