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Lingerie Outside of VS #2: Les Jupons de Tess

As Valentines looms ever nearer, and I make bedroom eyes towards the bag of Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramel squares in Target, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit the topic of underwear (here‘s the first installment in case you missed it). When channeling the spirit of Valentines day, my first thoughts would be: over-commercialized, brash colors, and a gaudy representation of love. But as this post is decidedly not about Victoria’s Secret, I’m going to have to dig a little deeper.


True Love…

If I’m less cynical, I have to admit, Valentine’s day can be an excuse for romantic thrills, some saccharine frills, but altogether sentimental feels. Which is why for this Valentines, as an alternative to VS, you should consider Les Jupons de Tess.


39 Mais Oui! Photos from the Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection

Deliciously frilly and decidedly French, this lingerie makes for a eventful evening and a long morning. Caroline Tannous, the lace mastermind behind the label, in an interview with Journelle described the philosophy behind the brand, “We’re a luxe French lingerie label inspired by the elegance of the 18th-century woman. We design glamorous corsetry and lingerie for a woman who, depending on her mood, wants to be flirtatious, seductive or mischievous.” What could be more perfect for Valentines… Underwear as versatile as Russell Stover (since sometimes you have no idea what you’re channeling… or eating).


You just never know…

Still, what’s even more exciting about Les Jupons de Tess is that the one and only Petite Coquette (of Petite Coquette, that paragon of all things intimate, aka my favorite lingerie blogger) has designed a collection to premiere in their stores September 2014. Here’s a peak (and above):



Two weeks ago, at the Salon de la Lingerie, his top and knickers were chosen for the Selection Catwalk (season favorites). Bravo Coquette! We’ll certainly be on the lookout for you.

For everyone else, have a Happy Valentines/ Single Awareness day. Whatever you’re celebrating, may your lingerie be divine.