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Thakoon Pre-Fall 2014: Toga Party Revisited

At some point in any successful high school / undergraduate experience, that kid that you know — the one that always takes things a little too far, drinks way too much, or happens to be obsessed with Roman culture — will get it into his head that he is going to throw the party to end all parties. Five kegs, a blow up swimming pool, a person in a one of those creepy horse masks, the promises get wilder and wilder. But before it actually comes time for the party, in a sudden burst of inspiration, you get the call.

“Hey, we’re making it a toga party. It’s gonna be awesome.” *Click*


On the memorable night of, before the debauchery, the Animal House carousing, and the mistakes you still can’t remember, you strip down your bed and take the one straight sheet you own (although there’s always the one person who inevitably shows up in a fitted sheet… because they are so creative) to the mirror.┬áThe biggest challenge of the toga party isn’t to see who can drink the most or who can keep standing the longest. The greatest challenge is a feat of cleverness, safety pins, and carefully placed knots.

How do you drape a shapeless piece of fabric around you and look cool without flashing anyone? (It is only later that you ask yourself how to avoid the guy whose falling toga is falling down to reveal a map of moles across his back to shame Rand McNally.)

In his latest collection, Thakoon seems to have dipped into this nostalgia. As much as I enjoy the asymmetry, unique draping, and carefully placed knots, his pre-fall collection makes me reminisce of my college days. Did he too just take a piece of cloth and wrap it around until it made a socially acceptable shape that covered all private parts? Let me know what you think. In the meantime, I’ve delved into the files to find some old gems for your enjoyment.

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