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Pragmatically Python and a Sneak Peak to Barrister’s Ball

Barrister’s Ball is todayyy! As I know I won’t have the pictures up until tomorrow, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of my shoes (which I am ridiculously ecstatic about)! To preface, I’ve recently been all over the internet (heaven forbid I leave my apartment) searching for shoes. My dress is red, so I thought I would go gold to accessorize. On the safe side, I know, but I’m going for glamour at a conservative law prom, not New York fashion week, sheesh. Anyway, not long into the search, I started to notice a trend. Namely, SNAKE PRINT.

Showing here…


Kate Spade

and here…


Saint Laurent

Then yesterday on WhoWhatWear. (A godsend I recently discovered — except they also introduced me to this Randall Loeffler clutch and I am so conflicted as to why I am so in love. I have never felt this need for citrus… I’m all at sea! — Get it? Sailors, at sea.. limeys… citrus…). Moving right along, they put out like a gajillion posts a day (decidedly unlike this blog) and have really cool stuff. Well, their “item of the day” was this pair of Need Supply snakeskin (print) shoes!


Need Supply

It might be my law degree, but I feel the need to offer ample evidence that every “trend” I’m documenting is not merely a figment of my imagination. So now that you can see I’m marginally credible, I thought I’d show you my interpretation on personal style and python print shoes (of two types).

First: Barrister’s Ball! These are my Chloe python heels (2012.. I believe). If you don’t like them please don’t tell me.



Glasses: Disney, Shirt: Disney (gotta love that employee discount), Leggings: The Row via eBay

DSC_0038This is the most I’ve ever spent on shoes (although they were still eBay). I wish I felt more guilty… but aren’t they beauts? So that is how to wear snakeskin going to the store or hanging at the mall. If you think you are Beyoncé or just have fab legs (and smaller calves then my half marathon running monsters) then this next look is for you.


Also, the reason that my pictures are marginally better is because I got my new camera!! Barrister’s Ball here I come (I just have to avoid the punch… for a variety of reasons).


This dress is in my Posh/Vinted closet for those interested. <\shameless self promotion>


Unneeded dress details (because it cracks me up when people do this)


These are La Perla Pret-a-Porter, which I also got on eBay — word to the wise next time you’re buying gold snakeskin boots online — maybe know your calf size first. (They call me Epimetheus.)

But snake print doesn’t stop at gold (though mine does… or it gets too snakey for me). My sister put together an interesting ensemble to prove it (also because I ran out of snake print shoes).



She sends her love from a travelling mirror inside her phone.


For those interested, I’m fairly certain we bought these BCBG heels from T. J. Maxx after a long conversation about the fact they wouldn’t make her too tall. Amirite or amirite? Just good legs all around.

Wish me luck (with the curling iron) tonight at the BALL.

Netflix Fashion Documentaries: Part 1- TOP PICKS


Over the winter break, I’ve been filling my spare time brushing up on the fashion industry by watching fashion documentaries. I’m about 7/8 of the way through all of the ones offered by Netflix on instant watch. Before you read further, I have to admit: I used these documentaries as a learning tool. When I started watching, I had no idea who or what Anna Wintour, Bergdorf Goodman, Bill Cunningham, and Pierre Bergé were. While I caught on quickly, it is something you might want to keep in mind when assessing my opinions. Also, if you think these films are just crass advertising schemes, you may be right… but it can’t hurt to do a bit of investigating.


1. Scatter My Ashes at the Bergdorf

This documentary is just as magical as Bergdorf’s windows. It manages to cover every activity that goes on in the building: designer’s dreams, buyer’s expectations, personal stylists (or clothing wingmen as I like to think), the business’ history, and the circus feats behind the windows. These subjects are portrayed like chapters in a coffee table book, and the pictures are just as vivid. Instead of being a line-up of back-to-back interviews, the film aptly uses a series of mixed artistic approaches for demonstrations. You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean! The tone of the film is a catching excitement, and with good reason, there is something Bergdorf Goodman that is just undeniably fabbbulous. A parting thought from David Hoey, the senior director of visual presentation:

“I’m not afraid of the term “window dresser.” Most window people will not say that. They’ll call themselves visual merchandisers or something grandiose like that. But I mean, why not use the more modest term and then go way overboard and with the windows?”


  • Covers multiple facets of the Bergdorf, fully satisfying viewer’s curiosity
  • Visually pleasing, would almost say stunning
  • You get to peek into the basement where they keep all their stock of curiosities that they use in their Christmas windows!
  • 4F approval rating.


2. Bill Cunningham: New York

Bill Cunningham is a refreshing enigma in the world of fashion. He eats at cheap cafes, wears the same iconic outfit every day, and tapes up his poncho to avoid spending a further dollar. But before I spoil all the delicious surprises of this documentary, I have to say that even after an hour and a half, I was still totally enthralled watching this man bike back and forth from event to event. Get some rest Bill Cunningham! Or better yet, come to Georgia, and get in my life! If you like character studies, this is the documentary for you.


  • Bill Cunningham is charming.
  • Even Anna Wintour thinks so.
  • An insightful look into the New York Times Fashion page and the rise of Street Style
  • Favorite Fact: our boy is on bike 39, because the last 38 were stolen!?!?
  • 4F approval rating


3. The Tents

This is a must-see for those interested in the emergence of the American fashion industry. It also is a great showcase into the mind of designers and the volatile nature of the game. Lots of good old footage is spliced alongside modern perspectives. It’s almost a celebration of hindsight.

  • Lots of great interviews.
  • Instrumental for those seeking to put designer names with their faces.


  • Very informative about the New York/ American fashion scene and its growth into today’s industry.
  • Neg: over-steeped in nostalgia
  • 3F rating


4. L’Amour Fou

I liked this documentary, but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. More than focusing on YSL or his relationship with Pierre Bergé, its focal point was the auction surrounding their house after YSL’s death. It didn’t hurt that the house was full of stunning cultural artifacts. But rather than reminiscing on relics, I was hoping for a bit more insight into YSL the man. One you concede that expectation, the film makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

  • An overview of YSL from his closest confidantes
  • Someone has excellent taste in decorating homes, whether France or Morocco.
  • it goes a little slow…
  • Neg: get ready for subtitles
  • 3F approval

(a few pictures more just for kicks)