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Second Verse Same as the First

DSC_0073.3Happy May Day! I hope you are able to find a suitable Maypole on this most revelrous of holidays. When I was studying in Oxford, my first night out we met a real life Morris dancer! He was this huge burly guy with an very long electric orange beard. The five of us were crowded around this wisp of a table (and there couldn’t have been more than 5 tables in the pub), while this man just told us insane stories and demanded that he buy us fine Irish sipping whiskeys.

It was all rather surreal, but to commemorate the day,  I’ve decided to borrow from the British invasion for the title of this post (you can cheat and click the link if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I really like the idea of being able to take the same basic elements and create various outfits with distinctly different feelings. Here’s my example. I’ve started with :

Black crop top (Urban Outfitters- $5.00)
Jean Skater Skirt (Urban Outfitters-$10.00- on sale now)
Pink Oversize Sunglasses (Urban Outfitters-$18.00 in stores now)
Blue Floral Tights (Thrifted-$2.00)
Pink Cut-Out Walking Shoes (Clarks UK)

I know it’s noxiously UO, but I’ve been skulking along their sales racks. You can recreate virtually the same look (give or take the cropped shirt) fairly easily and inexpensively (although I’d advise avoiding impulse buying sunglasses :P). From here it’s up to you to explore!DSC_0066 2

I wanted to start with an outfit that I thought I might could get away with before Mimi scoffed at the crop top. I added this Aztec meets Jackie O Anthropologie coat, a floral scarf as belt, and a 1950s(?) floral hat that always reminds me of synchronized swimming.

DSC_0067 2

Just when I think I’m getting better with the camera, I lose an arm…

It’s quite ironic to me that while being covered up nearly head to toe, people can be scandalized or find the skin gap indiscreet. I’m sorry, but no one is going to be turned on by my Starbucks bulge (aka white mocha (it’s even taken on the color) holder, aka stomach). Let me be and pretend that I’m in California as the weather vacillates between 40 and 70. To be honest, I was so self conscious wearing the crop top all day. I kept thinking “people will think I’m fat,” “people will think I’m promiscuous (except I used various synonyms depending on my varying histrionics).” But neither of those seemed like legitimate reasons to not try the style.

But I did cheat a little. I did not show belly button (heaven forbid!). Fun Fact- When I Dream of Jeannie first aired, the network demanded that Barbara Eden’s belly button not show in her costume, as they thought it would be far too scandalous for their viewer audience.



The veritable bra and see-through pants though? Those were fine. So I’m with Babs here on the next one.
DSC_0074 2

This was supposed to be aiming more at a Joni Mitchell, festival-friendly (without feeling dirty) look. I added an estate sale black bag, locket watch necklace, and blue brimmed hat (charity shop in Oxford). I think the secret to festival, flowy hair looks is a broad-brimmed hat. This one is pretty small. The ideal is the love child of Indiana Jones and a floppy hat.


Here’s a close up on accessories:

Earrings: marketplace in India
Locket-watch necklace: Native American store- Athens, Georgia
Rings: Fossil, Notre Dame bookstore, and I found one on the ground… can you guess which is which?
Scarf: Talbots


Happy May Day!

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April Showers? I’ll wear flowers.


This morning I was excited to wake up, watch the sunrise, and take some self-timed photos while the world was still asleep (aka no one would notice I was prancing around taking pictures in their backyard). It seems I have gone from being afraid to ask people to take their picture to being afraid people will see me with a camera at all. Of course, though by the time I’m up and showered (6:30 am) I realize it’s only going to rain this morning. No sunrise. So of course right as dawn stretched it’s rosy fingers, it stopped raining, and while I should laud the fortune of the day, I am sad I missed it. But I saw a rabbit! And it was grey!

rabbit So it was all in all a good morning. Even if it did almost rain again.


Surprise shower.


I don’t know why I even bother with outfit details as it seems everything I wear is old or obscure (which is really just saying old again). But for the sake of clarity:

Headscarf: Antiquing
Coat: Chloe (from ebay)
shirt: old “Fleurish” (juniors section of Belks most likely)
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Anthropologie
Le Petit Prince Watch: Spain (from a little lingerie chain… why did they have this watch??)
Bracelet set: Talbots
Carpet Bag: Antique find this weekend (!!!)


Still working on taing the picture *and* smiling

I know this type of shirt is not in style, per se. But I love it! It always reminds me of Even Stevens‘ “Influenza” episode (Shia Laboeuf’s starting role).


Oh, old Disney Channel… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click the picture and get ready for 22 minutes of cinematic gold. Since half of what I’m wearing is from antique stores, I think I can say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

DSC_0125 So know that I’ve found a carpet bag, it seems I’m ready to return to Georgia… I know. I know. Terrible. Well, Jack said it, so once again blame the obdurate editor (and he says it’s a thankless job). I’ve been digging some Fleet Foxes hardcore the past two days, so I’ll leave you with thisSim Bala Bim y’all.

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Channeling Your Inner Lana: DIY Floral Headband

Alrighty, it’s Springggg time!!  AKA time to get hustlin on all things floral. Even if it did snow last night, I’m about to pastel, pizazz, and flower up like these past three months never existed.

On that thought, a midwestern man explained the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day to me the other day: It’s a time when everyone knows sunshine is around the corner, and you’ve just struggled through this terrible Winter, so everyone comes out and just drinks to forget and celebrate, and really, for no reason at all!

Well, law school got in the way of any rapturous bliss I may have planned Monday, but it can’t stop my overall heraldry, which brings me to my latest project.
The Flower Crown.

Flower crown? you may well ask, I haven’t made one of those since I was four!  Well, the time has come to reinvigorate this childhood whimsy, but with a bigger, bolder jump into adulthood.

Last year, Lana Del Ray sported the flower crown on the cover of her single Video Games:


When I saw it, at first I thought it was another over-the-top affectation from this hipster princess (along with those slightly-terrifying Streisand-esk nails). But it seems this time Lana has secured the “hip” in “hipster.” Flower crowns are still going strong, if not gaining in popularity. If I wasn’t sure, three of my favorite bloggers sported them in the veritable span of a month.

Desiree of Pull Your Socks Up


Lipstick Legend in Red

Imogen of tia-cherie

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.55.16 PM

Sweet and Svelte in Pink

Tamera Beardsley


 With these ladies as inspiration, one might argue that I had no choice in this endeavor. In looking to acquire a crown, a quick google search showed their current going rates: somewhere between 7 and 102 dollars (the more expensive ones of course being made out of real flowers, aka perishable, aka a terrible investment in the first place). Additionally, the cheaper ones have itty bitty teensy flowers more appropriate for fairies and big toes then our resplendent visages.

What I’m trying to say is maybe we need something different? Where could I find colors that I wanted? Did someone say JoAnnes? Michaels? Hobby Lobby? We chose Hobby Lobby.


Rebecca:                                                                                     Leigha:
Bouquet of Base Peach Flowers: $6                                      5 red rose stalks: $10
Blue Flower Back up: $3                                                           Dogwood Back up: $3
Pink Flowers: $3                                                                         Little Blue Flowers: $3
Hemp Woven Headband: $2                                                   Hemp Woven Headband: $2

We got lucky at Hobby Lobby, fake flowers were on sale half price!! Without the glue gun, my supplies were about $15 and Leigha’s were around $20 (for those lazy with addition). Looking back, I would definitely recommend comparing the size of my primary flower to my head before buying.


Supplies. Complete with peanuts, cranberry juice, and a copy of Frozen.

Now I should have probably looked up how to make these before deciding to teach myself. However, Leigha and I used the thread and glue method. In other words, we tore the tops of the flowers away from their wiring and just put the bottom through our woven headband and hot glued the flower to the hemp on the top and on the bottom. 

IMG_6800 IMG_6801 IMG_6799

Even though this kind of makes thing stick into your head, I can’t really feel it, so I’m very happy (#noregrets).


However, for a more conventional and tidy tutorial, I would recommend the advice of Hairdresser on Fire, who begins with wire, a wire cutter, and perhaps a better understanding of the outlook. Alternatively, I have mastered the “tropical island on your head” look.


IMG_6776 But really, I couldn’t be happier.

Separated at Birth?!?

IMG_6803             ———————–>          tumblr_inline_mppwu2atwO1qz4rgp

I’m sharing this to NotDeadYetStyle‘s Visible Monday because it takes some guts to wear my oversized gem, but as over-the-top and colorful as it is, it couldn’t be more me.