Welsh Weekend


Greetings from Cardiff! I can now happily say that I have been to all the countries in the United Kingdom. Although from all the English people I’ve talked to who haven’t been to Wales, sometimes it doesn’t seem the most united a front. Still, regardless of all the cautionary messages I heard about Wales, I had a wonderful day in Cardiff, tromping around the castle, the old shipping coast (bay), and the market.

Cardiff Castle



The ceiling of the “Arab” room.


This building, on the side of the grounds, was added much later to the castle, and was not completed until 1881.


The symbol of Wales is the dragon. Besides residing in the middle of the Welsh flag, you can spot them at random all around town.DSC_0815DSC_0869DSC_0901

Parliament and Cardiff BayDSC_0839


Half Welsh, Half English: In These Stones Horizons Sing

DSC_0857This red building, known as the Pierhead Building, used to be the home of the administerial efforts of the Welsh coal shipping industry. Until the end of World War II, Wales was one of the most predominant coal shippers in the world (where they mined it in North Wales, and then exported it from Cardiff). However, the 1950s brought with it the decline of coal, and with it, the decline of the backbone of Cardiff’s economy. Thus, the city had to re-invent itself. Today this building features a museum on the Welsh coal industry(especially in regards to Cardiff’s role in it), and Cardiff has worked to become a wider convention and tourist destination. DSC_0834


DSC_0891      What I wore:
Hat: H&M
Glasses: Primark (1 pound!)
Tambourine Necklace: gift
Shirt: Helmut Lang
Gloves: Vintage find
Jacket: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Kors Michael Kors