wine robe

Sherlock Dressing Gown: UPDATE


What could it be?

In November I published a post all about my new dressing gown and it’s very Homes-ian (it’s a thing) inspiration. I thought I had fully covered the BBC Sherlock by incorporating Benedict Cumberbatch’s blue Derek Rose Robe, so I about had a heart attack this time (still trying to figure out the exact cause…) when I saw Sherlock sporting RED. Honestly, it’s more of a wine color, but for those of you Cumber… well, fans who may be interested. Sherlock’s “new” wine colored robe is, again, none other than Saville Row’s Derek Rose. It’s the Woburn 8 Wine robe. You can find this information, the rest of the Sherlock’s wardrobe, and the picture below on Sherlockology.

ImageAlso, after looking back, I realized that this robe isn’t actually new. He also wears it in A Scandal in Belgravia. He also has a tartan robe is Season 2 (also Derek Rose). And with that, I’ve given you an excuse to go find them.